Sprint Power expands as demand for electrification technology solutions continues to soar

Sprint Power has announced a significant expansion of its engineering facilities in response to continued demand for its products and services. Joining a major expansion of Sprint Power’s existing Birmingham-based headquarters are brand-new facilities in Hethel, Norfolk and Prague, Czech Republic. 

As governments and legislators around the world continue to set strict new targets to lower emissions, companies across all sectors of mobility, including automotive, motorsports, marine and aerospace, have been approaching Sprint Power for its extensive expertise in designing, developing and manufacturing the very latest advancements in electrified and low carbon propulsion systems. As well as an intensive recruitment campaign to hire additional world-class engineers, Sprint Power’s new facilities will enable it to continue to deliver high-tech solutions aimed at benefitting industry and wider society in the new electrified mobility era.

New base at Hethel

Complementing Sprint Power’s existing Birmingham headquarters is a new high-tech facility located at the Hethel Engineering Centre in Norfolk, UK. Close to a thriving engineering community and manufacturing hub, the new offices will initially house 16 full-time engineers who will focus on the development of battery systems, simulation solutions and systems engineering. The new base is also located alongside a new harness production facility set up by Eltrium, Sprint Power’s manufacturing partner. The close proximity of both facilities will ensure a seamless link between the design, testing and production of cutting-edge innovations.

Located within Birmingham Business Park, Sprint Power has expanded its headquarters to include 70 additional spaces for a combined total of over 120 world-class engineers. As well as offices, the building houses state-of-the-art laboratories that enable Sprint Power’s engineering teams to design, test and produce everything from prototype batteries and power electronics to the latest in control software solutions and complete electrical architectures. 

The facilities include two climate chambers that can test between -40⁰C to 150⁰C, and 20% to 98% humidity; a standard load bank (3.6kW, 150V); a bi-directional load bank (2x20KW, 65V); and a power supply capable of 5kW, 80V. Supporting equipment at Sprint Power’s disposal include voltage and current probes, thermal cameras, oscilloscopes, low voltage power supplies, a spectrum analyser, battery chargers, insulation meters and a range of CAN monitoring equipment. With more electric vehicles (EVs) expected to feature 800V ultra-fast charging capabilities in the coming years, Sprint Power will also install an 800V battery test facility, due to be operational early in 2023.

Completing Sprint Power’s recent expansion is a new presence located in the Vysočany region of Prague in the Czech Republic. The newly opened offices are initially home to eight engineers who will focus on the design and development of new control software, electronics systems and engineering solutions. The site has been developed to help attract central Europe’s leading power electronics engineers and give Sprint Power an essential footprint in mainland Europe. 

Richie Frost, Founder and CEO at Sprint Power, said: “We’ve experienced exceptional growth during the past year as OEMs across multiple industries continue to call upon our extensive experience in the development of advanced propulsion technologies. With most forms of mobility moving at pace towards a greener, more sustainable and increasingly electrified future, the need for innovative solutions is more sought-after than ever. By expanding our reach both here in the UK and into mainland Europe, we can continue to offer our clients, partners and industries the very best levels of service and technological capability.”