About Us

About Sprint Power

Fortune favours the bold.

We are living in a revolutionary time for the mobility industry. At Sprint Power, we’ve decided to take matters into our own hands. We believe our technologies will help people get around in a cleaner, safer and more efficient manner – paving the way to progress that creates real impact.

That’s why we’re leading the charge to harness the power of low-carbon, electric vehicles. To help industry pioneers uncover new possibilities with engineering services and technology. To empower the thought leaders of low-carbon technologies and know-how to drive innovation.

We’re here to build the future of mobility.

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“We aspire to be a global technology company recognised for its innovative thinking in creating a better future.

We strive to help forward-thinking entrepreneurs and companies take the lead in industry disruption, rather than be led by it.”


Our strategic investors include family offices, private equity and venture capital funds across key markets of Europe, UK, Hong Kong and China.

Our diverse mix of investors have one thing in common: they share our vision of creating a better, sustainable future through pioneering innovations. Their support has empowered us to capture market opportunities by investing in crucial innovation and advanced technological R&D capabilities.

With a long-term investment plan in place, Sprint Power is poised to build an international presence with established core pillars in technology, IPR and engineering services that work in tandem to create high shareholder value.