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No two projects are the same. But then again, we like to be kept on our toes.

In a nutshell, we’re here to make the complex simple.

Designing, developing and producing technologies and systems for electric vehicles are our bread and butter and whether it’s a turnkey solution or high performance component you’re after, we’re ready to help you get the most out of every idea.

Moreover, we’re not just conventional engineers. We’re also problem-solvers, inventors and creators at heart, which means we’re passionate about anything clean-tech.

We’re passionate about helping like-minded technical partners and clients transform innovation into technology. From motorsports and defense, to marine, clean energy and off-highway applications, we’re ready to delve into the technical details on every project, whether it’s in the automotive space or within another exciting sector.


We’re collaborative and open to new ideas.

We’re not just specialists in engineering services, but also experienced navigators in transforming innovation into technology.

We’ve built up a portfolio of long-term global clients, partners and engineering specialists within the automotive sector and beyond.

We’ve put in the time to build strong technical expertise and have the track record to prove it.

We’re not ready to settle for the mediocre and established – we’re here to create something ground-breaking, world-class and future-ready.

Our Core Strengths

We invest to grow with our clients & technical partners

That means staying focused on market-specific considerations and unique client goals to create integrated solutions, as well as investing in the right people, technology and R&D processes to build long-term partnerships

We take pride in building the future together

We’re not just skilled, we’re motivated and excited to help where we can with our technical expertise and experience

We stand behind great ideas that challenge convention

We’re not afraid to embrace future-forward thinking and to be the first to rise and support pioneering innovation in anything clean-tech

We believe actions speak louder than words

We’re passionate about using state-of-the art technology to make things happen. We’re also relentless about optimizing processes every step of the way to pursue the best outcome in the most efficient way