Our Team


Many of Sprint Power’s highly experienced engineers have held senior positions at the world’s most respected automotive and technology companies. While some have made the transition into designing and developing electric powertrains from previous work in ICE production, the majority have decades of electric propulsion expertise.

Our collective team can solve complicated engineering challenges and can devise creative solutions for our clients across the low carbon mobility landscape, including the automotive, off-highway, marine, rail and aerospace industries.

Sprint Power’s team has already delivered over 150 electrification projects for clients around the world, including OEMs, Tier 1s and specialist engineering businesses.

The company’s engineers strive to help forward-thinking entrepreneurs and companies take the lead in industry disruption by developing low carbon projects that drive innovation and shape the future of mobility. Sprint Power’s team of specialists will rise to any challenge, whether the work involves concept cars, prototypes, niche vehicles or high-volume production programmes.

Sprint Power team


At Sprint Power we know the automotive sector better than anyone else and our technical team has many years of experience within Automotive. This, combined with 15 years of working with low-carbon vehicles, means that we can apply ourselves fully to a diverse range of projects
and customers.

For some customers, we lend our expertise to develop a specific system component such as an energy storage system, a control system or a piece of power electronics.

For others, we develop and build turnkey solutions for complete electrical systems, electric drivelines or full vehicle systems integration.

Moreover, we are happy to rise to every occasion and work on concept cars, prototypes, niche vehicles or high volume production programmes.

For us, it’s all in a day’s work.


Richie Frost

Sprint Power is led by Founder and CEO Richie Frost. Richie has been a key figure in the UK’s low carbon vehicle sector since the beginning of the industry’s electrification revolution. With his strong technical background and entrepreneurial spirit, he has built a compelling track record of creating success for several start-up businesses in EV-tech.

Richie’s passion for electric and autonomous vehicles, coupled with his extensive knowledge and recognition in the sector, provides Sprint Power with strong, focused leadership to drive future progress in technology and innovation.

Inspired by Silicon Valley, Richie sees Sprint Power as an engineering playground, that he hopes will inspire his team to drive innovations that take the lead in today’s electric revolution.