Sprint Power launches its bespoke office and workshop facilities at its Birmingham HQ

Sprint Power is a new British technology company, specialising in the innovation of electric propulsion and offering strategic and technical services. Its team of highly skilled and experienced engineers has this week completed the outfitting of its new bespoke offices and workshop on Birmingham Business Park, and has moved in.

Developing its own suite of proprietary technologies, Sprint Power is targeting clients across all types of vehicles for land, air and sea, including manufacturers, local authorities and mass transportation providers. Thanks to the exceptional reputation of the start-up’s senior engineering team, it plans to quickly establish a position at the forefront of the UK’s transformation to low carbon vehicle technology, and a cleaner more efficient future for mobility.

Led by Founder and CEO, Richie Frost, the Sprint Power team combines decades of electric propulsion expertise having previously held roles at leading vehicle manufacturers and technology companies. The company plans to hire up to 200 engineers to further drive technology development from its brand new high-voltage electrical laboratory and workshop in the West Midlands – a major contributor to the UK economy and a global force in the development of new vehicle technology.

Frost commented: “We are in an electric revolution, with automotive, motorsports, marine and aerospace taking up a major transition into low carbon technology. Our ambition is to create a centre of excellence in the UK, that promotes innovation, thinking outside of the box and inspires the next generation of engineers to take up a career in electrification. Our new headquarters is designed to provide us an engineering playground, a creative space for us to enjoy our work and be passionate about what we do.”

Sprint Power’s technical expertise will help manufacturers develop vehicles that comply with stricter emissions regulations around the world. Its capabilities include electrical vehicle architecture design and engineering, powertrain integration and simulation, as well as high-voltage systems development, manufacture and management.

The company is recruiting a number of engineers and project managers to help with its transition to the next stage of its ambitious growth plan.