As the world is moving towards an all-electric future, the demand for bespoke battery systems that meet the target vehicle requirements for capacity in space, mass and cost-effective packages continues to soar. Sprint Power’s engineers work tirelessly to ensure the latest high voltage energy storage systems can overcome these challenges, so that more people can enjoy the many benefits associated with electric vehicles.

At Sprint Power we are working with many cell manufacturers, working to integrate the most appropriate cell technologies into our battery systems to suit the requirements of the end user. We have a deep understanding of the cell characteristics through our own cell characterisation testing, as well as our partners test data, to ensure we have actual performance data to work with during our cell selection and battery development process. This enables us to integrate the most appropriate cell technologies into our module and pack designs with a strong level of confidence that they will deliver class leading battery systems.

We have also developed our own Battery Management System (BMS) that is compliant with the latest ISO standards which enables us to accelerate our customer programmes. Having invested in this highly flexible, production-ready BMS, Sprint Power can provide a seamless transition through the development process to production, reducing risk, project timing and costs.

To deliver the challenging requirements many of our customers have, we take a holistic systems approach to the design and development process. We often look for opportunities to integrate associated functions and components into our battery packs to improve system efficiency, reduce weight, improve package space and provide a more cost-effective development programme and product. Examples include integrating DC/DC converters and charging interfaces, saving the client time and money.

We support our customers from initial concept engineering, through prototype development, validation testing and onto production. We offer support ranging from packages of specialist consultancy support to full production programmes using robust design methodologies and proven processes to create advanced and competitive battery systems for use across the entire low carbon mobility landscape.

“Although we are a young company, our battery development team have been in the business of developing bespoke battery systems over the past 10 to 15 years, across both hybrid and electric vehicle applications and multiple vehicle types. This depth of experience, along with our investment in development tools and facilities, enables Sprint Power to deliver unique, lightweight and highly integrated battery systems to meet the increasingly challenging requirements of our clients.”

Stephen Doyle, Chief Engineer, Battery Systems